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This is an incomplete list of projects I am working on:



IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. I am frequently on the IRC network of freenode among other networks.


I run several IRC bots for various projects and specific channels that have requested them.

General Purpose

RSS Feeds

Channels (freenode)

  • #ircpuzzles - IRCPuzzles challenge
  • #jenni - official support channel for the IRC bot jenni
  • ##news - live world-wide news from over 500+ RSS feeds.
  • ##ohio - social channel for those in/from Ohio.
  • ##ohio-news - live news from major news sources across Ohio.
  • ##science - channel for the discussion of science and science related topics.
  • ##weather - channel for the discussion of weather and weather related topics.
    • Including all 50 US states + territories in the format of ##weather-us-XX


I don’t frequently play games on any platform. However, at work I assist in running a knowledge share for Linux.

There are a few of us who are fairly well versed in Linux. Some co-workers have requested a more interactive meeting and we came up with a type of game. This is the source code of the game we run internally.

Random Programs / Scripts

These are mostly “one off” projects or one time needed scripts or programs. Most of them are directly for my use only but I have open sourced them because why not?

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I am a human who enjoys writing code.
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