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  1. Upgraded to Pelican 3.6

    2016-02-26 02:07
    By yano

    I’ve been apparently neglecting this blog for the past couple of years and really should add more content, but why do that when I can upgrade ALL THE THINGS?

    This post is just a bench mark of me upgrading from Pelican 3.3 to Pelican 3.6, along with ...

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  2. Fancy Prompt Causes $TERM errors?

    2014-06-16 17:30
    By yano

    Recently I added a “prefix” to some prompts for some machines I have access to. This was to help differentiate between a production box and a development box that both need the same ‘hostname’ to be set in order to work properly. I set the new prompt with the following ...

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  3. Goodbye to 2013!

    2013-12-31 22:53
    By yano

    Remember When?

    2013 has been an interesting year. Then again most years are interesting. It is interesting to see many people look back on a given year in review at the end and chat about what all they remember. Reminiscing about the past is sometimes most people can relate to ...

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  4. Starting Fresh with Pelican 3.3

    2013-10-29 04:32
    By yano

    My blog has been on hiatus for quite some time. It mostly started with different versions of Pelican being available and I was having trouble with my Python versions and various path issues. I’m still not sure how I managed to fix that and exactly what the issue was ...

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