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Today DuckDuckStart was migrated to a new host that has better network times. This new host is four times faster in pings and connecting to it from the continental United States. Additionally, this server has a vastly better processor along with web server enhancements.

The DNS has been updated and pointed to the new host. As of this writing IPv4 has started to propagate and should be done by now. Unfortunately, the IPv6 address (the AAAA records) have not been fully propagated yet. Both servers are running in tandem until the DNS is full propagated.

If you run in to any issues, please let me know.

Most companies that offer the hosting of nameservers provide the usual “wait 24-hours” for “full propagation.” In reality, 99% of global nameservers are typically updated within an hour, at the most. So, if any issues you are experiencing last past an hour from now or even 24-hours please contact me.


UPDATE: All DNS have been propagated correctly as of an hour after writing this.


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