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Sorry about the unexpected downtime. My hosting provider, Hetzner, had to replace the hardware on my dedicated server because my “mainboard” (I assume they meant “motherboard”) went bad. Fortunately, my disk drives that are in a RAID were safe and no data was lost.

This impacted the following websites and services:


IRC bots

  • wxbot
  • jenni
  • CarlSagan
  • newsly
  • Ohio
  • Idaho
  • loggyjr

Technical Details

When the server was replaced the name of the ethernet interface was changed. I had to boot in to the system via their Rescue software to update a configuraiton change for the network interface and then reboot the machine. This took longer than expected to figure out as I do not pay for a “managed server.”

The server went offline at 2017-10-18 13:38:07 UTC

The server was brought back up at 2017-10-19 14:22:32 UTC


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