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Date 2017-08-10 12:00

Updated: 2017-08-10


The "MUST HAVE" extensions and addons are those that I would recommend every browser have installed. I would not surf the web without these.


The "Useful" extensions and addons are ones that can increase your productivity or usefulness from your web browser; simply put, make your life easier.

  • Lightshot
    • Install Links: Firefox
    • "Easy and convenient screenshot tool. Allows you to make screenshots of any selected area (video and flash too), edit and upload it to server."
    • easy: 5
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite
    • Install Links: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera
    • "RES is a suite of tools to enhance your reddit browsing experience."
  • Rehost Image
    • Install Links: Firefox
    • "Easily upload pictures to alternate hosting. Supports FTP, Imgur and ImageShack."
    • easy: 5


The "Advanced" extensions and addons are for the users that want precise control over everything in regards to privacy and security. These require constant interactions and the ability to utilize configuration changes as they will often break websites. These should be used by those who expect things to break and are okay with that.

  • NoScript
    • Install Links: Firefox
    • "The best security you can get in a web browser! Allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks."
    • easy: 1
  • Perspectives
    • Install Links: Firefox
    • "Connect securely to https websites by checking certificates with network notaries."
    • easy: 2
  • Policeman
    • Install Links: Firefox
    • "Policeman gives you precise control over what web requests are allowed. Create rules based on domain name and type of resource being requested. It can also be used to improve privacy or block cross-site scripts."
    • easy: 1
  • PrivacyBadger
    • Install Links: Chrome, Firefox, Opera
    • "Protects your privacy by blocking spying ads and invisible trackers."
    • easy: 4
  • RequestPolicy
    • Install Links: Firefox
    • "Be in control of which cross-site requests are allowed. Improve the privacy of your browsing by not letting other sites know your browsing habits. Secure yourself from Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and other attacks."
    • easy: 2


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