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Remember When?

2013 has been an interesting year. Then again most years are interesting. It is interesting to see many people look back on a given year in review at the end and chat about what all they remember. Reminiscing about the past is sometimes most people can relate to as everyone loves sharing what different things they remember. This time of the year often reminds of me of the “game” that people play (intentionally or not) when they meet up with their friends they haven’t seen in a while. I’ve often heard this “game” called “remember when?”.

The basic premise of the “game” is that you come up with a memory that you share with the people you are with and summarize it and ask them “remember when?”. It isn’t a very structured “game” and most people don’t realize they are playing it. Not too often do people intentionally start playing it by name but rather the game seems to naturally come up in conversations, at least from my experience. I’m sure Your Miles May Vary.


The topic of timezones have always fascinated me. The history of timezones is pretty interesting and is mostly attributed to the railroad systems across several countries, but the first country to have an adopted standard time was in Great Britain. As a programmer I’ve grown to despise timezones. They are frustrating and there are so many edge cases and politics involved. Today I was passed a great video about timezones from the perspective of another programmer. You can find the video here.

I’ve often wondered what life would be like without timezones. There have been a few interesting articles regarding this idea. I’ve mostly been for this idea because I tend to use UTC on most of my computers, as it makes searching and comparing logs pretty simple and since many default configurations default to GMT/UTC. This reminds me of another interesting topic, the differences between UTC and GMT. I’ll probably get around to blogging about that sometime during the new year.


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